• To produce high-quality aluminum profile products in line with international standards to achieve total customer satisfaction as required by the competitive environment in the global market.
  • To ensure full compliance with national / international regulations.
  • To constantly review all of our activities with a focus on people and environment. To minimize the negative environmental effects caused by our activities, to take necessary measures to prevent occupational accidents and diseases, and to make improvement efforts.
  • To improve the awareness and responsibility level of our employees in order to achieve a more efficient and effective integrated management system.
  • To manage and improve our processes with a risk-oriented approach.
  • To define responsibilities and reactions to be performed in order to prevent/minimize damages to production activities, goods, and lives of all persons and companies involved in the customer chain due to possible non-conformities in the manufacturing and use of our products within the scope of product safety and product responsibility.
  • To use our limited natural resources effectively and efficiently.
  • To ensure reduction, sorting, reuse, and recycling of waste and lawful disposal of necessary waste with the life cycle approach.
  • To be an example to all our competitors and stakeholders. To continuously review and improve our quality, environment, and occupational safety and safety practices together with our policies taking into account the technological developments, demands, expectations, and requirements of the society.

As Asistal family, we promise all together, for all of us, for our country, for our world.

Chairman of The Board of Directors